Webpage Research and Regeneration Project


Website review for ANY page correction/update needed.

We would like to have someone review our website www.LintCenter.com and on a Microsoft Word Document, please fill out the info and give the link for that portion of our website that would fit in this history page http://www.LintCenter.com/history.htm.

This will help realign our history page which has been forgotten for a while.

Please keep the format consistent.

Please copy the existing data to a MS Word Document and add in the correct year area, the information, and links to that webpage.

We will give credit to you and your organization if you desire. We appreciate those that take the time to volunteer and assist us.


  1. Visit http://www.LintCenter.com/history.htm


  1. Review the list of History Files listed for the current year and begin researching pages on the website that have not been added to the history index. (You can also do it for previous years)
  2. I noticed that the 2013 Scholarships and Deadline announcement needed to be added under the 2012 section.
  3. I copied and pasted the text from the History page onto a blank Word document. (See screenshot below)


5.                Next I added the following link under the 2012 section: http://www.LintCenter.com/scholarships.htm and worded the main text to read “Scholarships & Deadlines”

6.               Once I reviewed the document, I saved it as: LC History Page Update.doc.

  1. Then I submitted the document with the History Page update to: Vol-Coordinator@LintCenter.com.




Thanks again for helping the Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc. with it's mission!



Word Doc Instructions