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Lint Center for National Security Studies
Next Scholarship Submission Date is:
31 Jan & 31 July
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This page is for first contact with the new Volunteer or Intern.

A Message From Our Chairman


Thank you for Volunteering!

Being a volunteer or intern will help your career, and life. You have already probably read about Lint Center to build your interest. At the bottom of this page will be some other links about Lint Center. There are NO paid employees at LC, all funds go to scholarships.


This page is to help you decide on what task you desire to volunteer for with LC. While this list is updated from time to time, your experience may give you an idea of something else we can do, or LC needs to do to be successful.


Please review your skills and the below task to determine your best fit with LC. You will have a lot of freedom in a charity to develop new skills and improve your own skills. You are the best person to do this assessment.


Thank you again for joining a unique program!

Jim Lint, Chairman

Special Agent (Retired)


Lint Center
for National Security Studies, Inc

IRS Approved 501 (c) (3) Charity



Our Virtual Volunteering Project participants will have an impact.


Please look at the PowerPoint for information about the program and the last slide is a listing of the Volunteer Subcommittees.  You may volunteer for a leader or action officer position.

Vol Subcommittees      Cmd Stucture 



New volunteers and interns please review this PowerPoint for an orientation of Lint Center for National Security Studies.



This page has information about our Presidential Service Award.

To sign up, create an account, and track your volunteer service hours, please, visit  To create an account all you need to do is follow the four step easy registration process. You can keep a record of your service update online. The Record of Service Key for Lint Center is CHN-34740.


If you have not completed  the Volunteer Application, please send to your volunteer coordinator. We also have a newsletter for the volunteers describing some of the benefits.


List of Task

Volunteer Secretary or Administration Officer: (Virtual Volunteer from Home!)

Volunteer Coordinator:

LC Blog Review:

Looking for leaders to assist.


Public Relations:


We have a new Volunteer or Intern Task which would fall into both Marketing
and Public Relations:

Goal: Increase Members in the Lint Center LinkedIN Group at:

This can increase our mentors, potential scholarship applicants, intern
applicants and Volunteers. We have NO PAID volunteers. All funds go to


Update Webpages with Research:

Update the LC History page based on instructions from here also explained on webpage.

Massive update for an intelligence and security site following instructions located here.  Both projects could use multiple volunteers.



TASK:  Compile a list of publications from LC mentors and members.

Compile a list of publications, format, in a Microsoft Word format. Your results will be uploaded to a webpage to demonstrate the strength of our mentors and members.


TASK:  Make a list of all our publications, from members, mentors, and maybe winners of what they have published. 

We can link to it and help them, and help LC with the links. It would also get the Volunteer contact with a lot of different people.  I could send out an email they write up  and they could put the info, links etc into a Microsoft Word Doc which would make it easy to put in a webpage.



If this sounds interesting, we want you to help propel our mission and make an impact with people learning about national security.


Over the age of 21.

Use of your computer, at your location.


Volunteer Opportunities at Lint Center are listed at: