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The Lint Center Mentoring Program®


Message from the Chairman:

The Lint Center Mentoring Program (LCMP)® aims to develop and guide emerging leaders in National Security and Counterintelligence. LCMP provides talented and promising individuals interested in pursuing careers in national service the opportunity to interact, correspond, and work with real-world practitioners. The Lint Center stresses the importance of building human capital because it serves the interest of our country’s security and safety. In addition, it adheres to the Lint Center’s core focus of giving back by offering an invaluable resource to mentees. 

Individuals who desire, decide, and are fortunate enough to enter a career in national service are expected to vault the learning curve. These requirements are a challenge, but a necessity of the current operational environment. The importance of developing the next cadre of America’s national security and counterintelligence workers is of acute importance due to the graying of the current generation.

The Lint Center recognizes the benefit of experience and desires to impart the wisdom of learned experience on those that wish to follow in the footsteps of America’s best. While mistakes may be the owl of wisdom, the Lint Center’s mentoring program is committed to ensuring the lessons of the past are heeded examples for mentees.

Mentors are expected to provide counsel, guidance, and direction. These three guiding principles for leadership are the expectation for Mentors. The onus for action and the responsibility of specific inquiry is left to the individual mentee.

The old saying that “rookies make rookie mistakes” is a truism but the number and severity does not have to be part of that cardinal reality. LCMP strives to elucidate with effect.

With over 150 mentors, the Lint Center is well positioned to match appropriate emerging leaders with practitioners and other well positioned individuals who can provide the feedback, context, and contacts to expedite the development as well as exponential beneficial mentorship to streamline the learning curve of mentees.

Mentors must submit a resume, CV or summary of their career for consideration to be in the LCMP. These will be vetted. Mentors are expected to respond in a timely manner to Mentees. The goal is to answer questions within OPSEC and security considerations.

James R. Lint, Chairman
Special Agent (Retired)


PS – The Lint Center is committed to strengthening and expanding its pool of human capital expertise because the Center’s mentoring program delivers tangible results, has a real impact, and is an effective tool in ushering in a new generation of great Americans. One of the Lint Center’s first scholarship recipients observed, “The Lint Center scholarship paid for my books last semester, but my Mentor offered insights which will stay with me for a lifetime”.


Background on the Lint Center


Who We Are: The Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc., founded in 2007, is a non-profit IRS 501 (c)(3) organization created to award merit-based scholarships for Counterintelligence and National Security Workers, their children and scholars, and to advance the study of National Security, cross-cultural studies, and global understanding. The Center, an IRS approved charity, is Veteran and minority operated and managed. For more information, please visit www.LintCenter.com.


The Center’s Mandate: The mission of the Lint Center is to foster and further the educational development and opportunities for the next generation of America’s Counterintelligence and National Security Workers. The Center focuses on empowering talented individuals, enhancing the study of national security issues, and enabling emerging leaders to be mentored by established current and former industry experts.


The Center’s Focus: The Lint Center strives to adhere to three principles: 1) identify promising individuals and assist in educational pursuits through scholarship initiatives; 2) provide talented individuals with a meaningful leadership development mentoring program; and 3) create a forum for the dissemination and discussion of National Security Studies through the Center’s online Web-portal.


The Center’s Leadership: Board of Directors: The Lint Center’s executive board is comprised of current-and-former members of the U.S. intelligence community. Our executive team represents individuals with expertise and experience in a broad array of our country’s intelligence agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Energy, and various other branches including elements of the Department of Defense.


Vision Statement: The vision of the Lint Center for National Security Studies is to empower, enhance, and enable the next generation of America’s Counterintelligence and National Security workforce. These ideals of purpose direct and align all actions and efforts of the Lint Center as it continues to grow.


Grounded in the Lint Center’s core values of service, scholarship, and stewardship, the Center strives to fill a niche void, recognize potential, and provide practitioner guidance to those who shall follow in our footsteps of national service.


The Lint Center’s scholarship program will continue to expand its resource base and identify students with passion, intangible capability, and a desire to give back.


The Lint Center’s publishing program will continue to highlight and recognize those individuals who offer counterintuitive, unique, and perorating assessments of critical issues. While learning to know the box before thinking outside it, the Lint Center seeks those ideas which break the mold, offer innovative solutions, and perhaps unconventional findings for a real world application previously unrealized.


The Lint Center’s mentoring program will be a primary focus as we expand our base of human capital. The contributions of Lint Center mentors are extremely valuable and we seek to implement lessons learned as a means to teach the wisdom of experience to those that wish to serve. We will build our network, expand our reach, and ensure that mentees receive industry practitioner mentors with the expertise necessary to provide proper guidance.


Service, scholarship, and stewardship are the tenets of the Lint Center’s mission. Empowering, enhancing, and enabling the generation to come is our visionary mandate.

To Become a Mentor:

The Lint Center is constantly on the outlook to build and fortify its base of expertise. As such, the Center is actively looking for and keenly interested in finding individuals who seek to make a direct impact on the lives of emerging leaders.

We welcome and invite practitioners to inquire about becoming involved.

If you are interested in learning more, please use our webform to send a high level summary of your expertise/resume (OPSEC compliant). The Lint Center’s mentoring board will review, evaluate, and respond to you in short order.

 Lint Center scholars benefit tremendously from the diversity of knowledge, experience, and expertise we offer. As such, the Center is always in need of more practitioners and more expertise. You would be surprised by some of the niche areas our scholars express interest in. In turn, we encourage you to inquire within to help support the next generation of America’s national security and counterintelligence workers.

The following is a listing of some of the Lint Center’s Mentoring team. It is neither comprehensive nor complete (the Center maintains over 110 Mentors). However, it is intended to provide individuals with a starting point to identify a point of contact that is a strong fit with current needs, mid-term aspirations, and future career goals.  

The Lint Center maintains substantial and significant combined years of experience (hundreds) from Mentors who are willing, ready, and able to provide guidance to the motivated.

They learned by experience. They learned from shortcomings and success. They wish to provide knowledge on how to avoid the former and relish the accolades of the latter.

Mr. James R. Lint
served in the United States military for over 20 years, in both the U.S. Marine Corps (7 years) and U.S. Army (14 years).  He spent four years as a Marine Counterintelligence specialist and nearly 15 years as an Army Counterintelligence Special Agent.  Lint has expertise in counterintelligence, cyber security and information assurance, terrorism and counterterrorism, human intelligence collection and prevention, as well as low-intensity asymmetric warfare. Mr. Lint has an  M.B.A. with a concentration in Information Technology Management, from Touro University International.  

Jin Kim is a Principal Analyst for CENTRA Technology, Inc, and currently supports strategic risk methodology and analysis for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Kim has worked in the intelligence community for over ten years -- from tactical Army assignments to strategic assignments supporting the Department of Defense. Prior to CENTRA, Mr. Kim was a program manager in support of a software development program for the Joint Warfighter, leading an integrated team of engineers, intelligence analysts, and scientists.  Mr. Kim also provided support to the Defense Intelligence Agency as a policy analyst, researching and developing processes for the strategic intelligence support to the Operational Commands.  In the Army, Mr. Kim served as an Intelligence Officer in various leadership and staff roles.  A native of Korea, Mr. Kim is fluent in Korean.
Kim, Jin and William (Bill) M. Allard.  Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace: A Methodology for Homeland Security Intelligence Analysis.  SAIS Review - Volume 28, Number 1, Winter-Spring 2008, pp. 75-87, http://muse.jhu.edu/login?uri=/journals/sais_review/v028/28.1kim.html.

Geoffrey S. French and Jin Kim.  Acknowledging The Revolution: The Urgent Need for Cyber Counterintelligence.  National Intelligence Journal; 1-1 (2009), 71-90 pages. 

Geoffrey S. French
is the Analytic Director for Security Risk at CENTRA Technology, Inc. Mr. French has supported the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security in counterintelligence, infrastructure protection, and risk analysis since 1999. At the FBI’s National Infrastructure Protection Center, Mr. French managed multiple teams that addressed threats to infrastructure, including cyber threats to industrial control systems. Mr. French helped FBI establish its cyber counterintelligence program —with its applications in information warfare and critical infrastructure protection; he has contributed not only innovative analysis but also academic rigor to the field. His teams created the NIPC guidance on risk management and on SCADA security. While at FBI, Mr. French led the intelligence review for the U.S.–Canadian Taskforce on the Power Outage.
Mr. French has also provided support to DoD’s Counterintelligence Field Activity as a lead analyst for its Critical Infrastructure Protection Division, where he examined issues related to DoD reliance on civilian infrastructure. There, he assisted DoD in identifying OPSEC concerns, vulnerabilities in information security, and risks to mission critical infrastructure.
Mr. French has supported DHS in multiple capacities, such as its Homeland Infrastructure Threat and Risk Analysis Center, and the Counterintelligence Programs Division, and the Science and Technology Directorate. He has been responsible for strategic risk analysis—including the development and review of risk analysis methodologies—and for supporting interagency efforts on risk related to foreign investment. He is currently supporting multiple efforts by providing subject matter expertise in risk modeling, threat analysis, and counterintelligence.
Geoffrey S. French and Jin Kim.  Acknowledging The Revolution: The Urgent Need for Cyber Counterintelligence.  National Intelligence Journal; 1-1 (2009), 71-90 pages. 

Douglas McGaughey (
CW2) is a retired U.S. Army U.S. Army Counterintelligence (CI) Special Agent, a Board Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and holds a Master’s degree in Security Management. He is a currently managing projects specializing in intelligence and security operations.  Doug is the Principal Consultant for 29-Ten Security Consulting, LLC, a small firm advising discrete clientele in Foreign Intelligence threat evaluations and risk mitigation operations.  More

William Edward Nay (Bill)
is Senior Security Consultant, Nay Consulting Services and has extensive direct experience in planning, evaluating, and implementing DOE security programs. 40 years experience at various levels of security and law enforcement in the DOD (USMC & USAR) and the DOE.  Within the DOE have planned and implemented security programs in all topical areas.  Have performed the full range of duties; from checking badges as a Security Officer, to supervision, training and development, evaluation, and management.  Hired by the Office of Energy Research to establish a security program.  This program has evolved to include personnel, physical, information, and cyber components.  In addition to planning and implementing Headquarters security programs, have evaluated and justified the security programs for program elements at DOE funded National Laboratories and at federal operations offices.  Have managed the security program funding and budget preparation for all these topical areas to include protection program planning and management.  More

Mr. Del Stewart
, GS-13, Military Analyst (CW3, USA, Retired). Mr. Stewart’s area of expertise includes: Overt investigations, analysis, production and dissemination, from tactical through strategic levels of assignment, CONUS and OCONUS. He has been an editor for Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin, in addition to writing many articles in various professional media outlets. More

Bill F.
-- Resume attached with contact email.
Qualified DOD/DOE instructor for first responders to radiological/nuclear incidents, Member MTT to provide home station instruction; Special Agent, Defense Security Service, Special Liaison/Investigations;  40 years professional experience conducting all types of Counterintelligence (CI) and Human Intelligence Operations and Criminal Investigations;

BG (Ret) Gary M. Jones -- brings to Myrmidon Consulting, LLC over 28 years Military experience as a seasoned Military Leader that Commanded at all levels of the Army’s tactical and operational formations.  General Jones is recognized as a proven, experienced-forged senior  leader in military and international affairs.  He managed programs and deployments at  the national and international levels, with extensive operational expertise in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and the Middle  East.   More

Dr. Terri K. Wonder, Ph.D. is a former college English teacher who has moved into the field of social science research for law enforcement and military. She is currently a social scientist for the USAR/TRADOC program Human Terrain Systems and is a federal civilian employee.  She currently works from the program’s Leavenworth, Kansas, chapter and will deploy to the program’s Theater Command Element in Baghdad in August 2009. In her program, she also embedded as a social scientist with Marine Expeditionary Forces in Anbar Province from December 2008 to April 2009. In addition to working with Marines, she also partnered on outside-the-wire expeditions with the Navy’s Riverine One Squadron. Utilizing mixed research methods from the social sciences, Terri specializes in local population perceptions assessments and in civil-military operations assessments. Her favorite research subjects are educators, maids, and day laborers.  More

Mr. Ernest  Krutzsch has 14 years Counterintelligence experience in both tactical and strategic Counterintelligence. He retired in 1997 as a CW2, and worked in the 902nd SCO before joining CSC as a contractor, who currently teaches Computer Forensics at the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy. He has a Master's Degree in Applied Information Technology from Towson University, and has been associated with the Department of Defense on active duty, as a government worker and contractor for over 37 years.

We have PLENTY more mentors, see the Bio page.

For More Information Contact:

Comment or Feedback Form 

All donations and contributions to the Lint Center are allocated solely to the Center’s scholarship funds. All actions and activities by the Lint Center are conducted by unpaid staff and volunteers. The Center is Veteran and minority operated and managed.

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