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Apprenticeships & Internships 



CIA - Central Intelligence Agency - Graduate Studies Program

-- www.cia.gov/employment/student.html#grad

-- The Graduate Studies program looks for bright graduate students who are

focusing on international affairs, languages, economics, geography,

cartography, physical sciences and engineering. Students selected for the

program should be entering either their first or second year of graduate

studies following this assignment. You will become acquainted with the work

of professional intelligence analysts through active participation in Agency

projects with the potential to have selected pieces of your work

disseminated throughout the Intelligence Community.


CIA - Internships

-- www.cia.gov/employment/student.html#int

-- Interested in foreign affairs? Looking for a career where you can make a

difference? This unique program is designed to give promising undergraduate

students, particularly minorities and people with disabilities, the

opportunity to gain practical work experience that complements their

academic studies. You will be given the opportunity to work with

highly-skilled professionals and see first-hand the role the CIA plays in

supporting U.S. officials who make our country's foreign policy. We are

interested in students majoring in computer science, finance, electrical

engineering, physical science, economics, geography, non-romance languages,

international relations, national security studies, military and foreign

affairs, or political science. Interns are required to work either a

combination semester and summer internship or two 90-day summer internships.



CIA - Student Trainee Program

-- www.cia.gov/employment/student.html#coop

-- You will be given the opportunity to participate in the vital work of the

Agency, to gain unmatched experience and to become acquainted with

professionals in the intelligence field. At the same time, the Agency will

be able to assess your potential for future permanent employment. The CIA

seeks highly motivated undergraduates studying a wide variety of fields,

including engineering, computer science, mathematics, economics, physical

science, non-Romance languages, area studies, business administration,

accounting, international relations, finance, and logistics.


CIA - Undergraduate Scholar Program

-- www.cia.gov/employment/student.html#usp

-- The Undergraduate Scholar Program has as its goal the attraction of

minorities and students with disabilities. It offers the opportunity to work

at the forefront of our nation's foreign intelligence effort. You will be

given meaningful work that relates to your college major. For example: A

computer major will have increasingly more complex jobs involving

sophisticated computer systems. An engineering major might help produce a

piece of state-of-the-art equipment, work monitoring research and production

contracts, or analyze the technical developments in a foreign country.


DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency - Academic Semester Internship Program  (ASIP)

-- www.dia.mil/careers/Programs/asip.html

-- ASIP provides promising undergraduate seniors and graduate students at

universities and colleges in the Washington, DC/Baltimore, MD metropolitan

area the opportunity to gain practical work experience in intelligence

analysis while enrolled in classes. In addition to a 10 week summer

internship program, the agency offers a limited number of academic semester

internships, both paid and unpaid. Interns can also be appointed for an

academic semester for a 10-15 week period (depending on the university

calendar) normally from early September to early December for the fall

semester and from late January through late April for the spring semester as

part-time temporary employees (no more than 20 hours per week).


DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency - Intelligence Community Scholar Program  (IC Scholar)

-- www.dia.mil/careers/Programs/icsp.html

-- The DoD Intelligence Community (IC) Fellowship Program provides a small

select number of college graduates seeking a career in intelligence the

opportunity to obtain a quality education that will get their career off to

a successful beginning. The program allows entry-level professionals to

enroll in the Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence degree program at

the Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC) The MSSI degree program

includes core and elective courses in analytic methods, intelligence

collection, national security policy, intelligence community organization,

regional assessments, transnational issues, and military strategy. Upon

completion of the thesis and attainment of the MSSI degree, IC Scholars will

be placed in a permanent assignment in one of DIA's major directorates,

based on their skills and abilities. (The IC Scholar internship formerly

called the Graduate Training Assistance Program - GTAP)


DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency - Summer Intern Program

-- www.dia.mil/careers/Programs/sip.html

-- DIA's Summer Intern Program provides promising undergraduate juniors and

seniors and graduate students the opportunity to gain practical work

experience in the areas of analysis, research, report writing, oral

briefings, policy development, program management, and computer applications

related to the intelligence field. Interns are appointed for a 10-week

period from June 9 through August 15, 2003 as full-time, temporary

employees. While specific intern opportunities may vary from year to year

based on the agency's needs, internships are usually available are in the

following functional areas: Intelligence Analysis, Management Information

Systems, Engineering, Human Resources, and Public Affairs.


DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency - Undergraduate Training Assistance Program (UTAP)

-- www.dia.mil/careers/Programs/utap.html

-- A small number of high-achieving, mature and committed secondary school

seniors will be offered tuition assistance to selected colleges or

universities, provided challenging summer work, and guaranteed a job in

their field of study upon graduation in this highly competitive program.

Minorities, women and the disabled are strongly encouraged to apply. We are

looking for students who will major in one of the following disciplines:

Geography or Foreign Area Studies/International Relations/Political Science

(foreign language, in conjunction with these majors, is highly desirable.)


NSA - National Security Agency - College Summer Employment Program (CSEP)

-- www.nsa.gov/programs/employ/index.html

-- Open to students following their junior year majoring in electrical or

computer engineering, computer science or mathematics. This program provides

the opportunity to "earn while you learn" providing hands-on experience

during a 12-week paid work assignment in the students specialized field of

study. In each of the disciplines, NSA ensures that the participants will

encounter continual challenges and satisfying learning experiences on the

cutting edge of technology. If you possess imagination, initiative and

intellectual curiosity, you should consider applying for the CSEP.

Participants in the CSEP work the summer following their junior year in

assignments commensurate with their academic status, interests and/or

employment background. Summer employment is also available to those pursuing

graduate degrees. Participants receive paid roundtrip travel expenses

between school and the worksite.


NSA - National Security Agency - Cooperative Education Program

-- www.nsa.gov/programs/employ/index.html

-- Co-op students gain valuable experience while playing a meaningful role

in the development of our nation's secure communications or in the

production of foreign intelligence. Programs are available for students

majoring in computer science and electrical or computer engineering. Right

from the start, you will be involved in real life projects and will have

full use of NSA labs, equipment and advanced technologies. In either area,

we will offer you increasing challenges and satisfying learning experiences,

since our mission demands that we work on the cutting edge of technology.

Students in the engineering field will be involved in the design,

development, testing, and evaluation of electronic communications systems.

These multi-disciplinary assignments will reach to such rapidly advancing

areas as optics, lasers, acoustics, and micro-processors. Computer science

majors explore the high-tech opportunities such as object-oriented

methodology, multimedia, data warehousing/data mining, design/analysis

development of software and systems, client/server development, networking,

and Internet technology.


NSA - National Security Agency - High School Gifted and Talented Program

-- www.nsa.gov/programs/employ/index.html

-- High School Students - The Gifted and Talented Program is designed for

Baltimore'/Washington metro area high school students who have demonstrated

exceptional performance in math and science. If you are accepted into the

program, you will be required to work 32 hours per week during the summer

months following your junior and senior year. A mentor will be assigned to

work with you on projects related to your areas of interest and aptitude. To

qualify for the Program, you must be a high school junior who has taken

Physics, Calculus, Computer Programming, or an Engineering course, if

interested in engineering. Coursework in the area of study must be a 3.0 GPA

or higher. And you must be 16 years of age by May 31 following your junior



NSA - National Security Agency - High School Undergraduate Training Program

-- www.nsa.gov/programs/employ/index.html

-- Bring your talents and your potential to one of the country's premier

intelligence agencies. With the Undergraduate Training Program you will not

only learn from exceptional NSA professionals, you can receive college

tuition and have a guaranteed job with the National Security Agency after

graduation. Our program is open to students, particularly to minorities, but

only a select few of the nation's finest high school students will be

chosen. With the Undergraduate Training Program you will attend classes

full-time at your school, then work during the summer at the NSA in areas

that are related to your course of study. If you are selected as a program

participant, we'll require that you work for the NSA after your college

graduation for at least one-and-a-half times the length of study (usually

five years). If you should leave the NSA's employment earlier, we'll make

arrangements for you to pay back the government for your tuition and book

costs. (Please note: eligible students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA on a

4.0 scale each semester after their freshman year.)


NSA - National Security Agency - High School Work Study Program

-- www.nsa.gov/programs/employ/index.html

-- For Baltimore/Washington metro area high school juniors with an interest

and aptitude in Business Computers and Office Technology. The High School

Work Study Program is designed for high school students who are enrolled in

either Business Computers or Office technology classes, and who have plans

to take part in a school-sponsored work experience program during their

senior school year. If you are accepted into the program, you will be

required to work a Monday through Friday schedule, no less than 20 hours per

week, and no more than 32. To qualify for the Program, you must be a high

school junior enrolled in either Business Computers or Office Technology

classes, with plans to take part in a school-sponsored work experience

program during your Senior school year. NSA prefers that you carry an

overall "B" GPA. And you must be 16 years of age by August 31st following

your Junior year.


Office of the U.S. Trade Representative - Student Intern Program

-- www.ustr.gov/about-ustr/info.html

-- The student intern program at USTR is a volunteer program where

undergraduate and graduate students gain knowledge and experience on U.S.

trade policy and, in many cases, earn college credit at the same time.

Applications will be processed by the Intern Coordinator and circulated to

senior staff to determine if there is a need for volunteer assistance. These

offices include, General Counsel; Congressional Affairs; Western Hemisphere;

Europe and the Mediterranean; Japan; China; Asia Pacific Economic

Cooperation; World Trade Organization and Multilateral Affairs; Industry,

Agricultural Affairs; Public Affairs; Intergovernmental Affairs; Environment

and Natural Resources; Services, Investment, and Intellectual Property; and

our Geneva headquarters.


U.S. Agency for International Development - Bureau for Policy and Program

Coordination (PPC)

-- www.usaid.gov/about/employment/studentprograms.htm#ppc

-- The Center for Development Information and Evaluation (CDIE) within PPC

is seeking a summer intern to support development and maintenance of its

Online Presidential Initiative Network (OPIN) system. Along with other

development partners, USAID is playing a key role to implement more than a

dozen Presidential Initiatives to support sustainable development worldwide.

All USAID field missions (and select Washington operating units) enter key

data into a web-based survey form and quarterly progress reports are

generated by OPIN's resident database. These progress reports will be used

by Agency senior management and by other US government officials to assess

progress and to provide prompt feedback to the White House.


U.S. Agency for International Development - Global Health/Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade

-- www.usaid.gov/about/employment/studentprograms.htm#gh

-- The Strategic Planning and Program Intern will work under the direction

and general supervision of the Director of the Office of Strategic Planning,

Budgeting and Operations (SPBO) for Bureau of Global Health (BGH). The

Intern will be assigned to participate in discrete activities for the BGH,

in the policy and program areas of family planning/reproductive health,

maternal/child health, HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. The Intern

will support both daily and long-term planning, program and operational

functions of the Bureau.


U.S. State Department - Fascell Fellowship Program

-- www.careers.state.gov/student/prog_fell.html

-- Fascell fellowship gives you firsthand exposure to a foreign culture,

while you are serving your nation. Typically, your duties may involve

substantive administrative, consular, political/economic or public diplomacy

responsibilities. Most fellowships are intended for, but not limited to,

teachers, scholars, academics, and graduates of advanced-level programs

focused on Eastern Europe, Slavic, or Mandarin languages.


U.S. State Department - Student Intern

-- www.careers.state.gov/student/int_prog_det.html

-- The Department is looking for students with a broad range of majors, such

as Business or Public Administration, Social Work, Economics, Information

Management, Journalism, and the Biological and Physical and Engineering

Sciences, as well as those majors more traditionally identified with

international affairs. Assignments can be both in the USA and overseas.


U.S. State Department - Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship (FAF)

-- www.woodrow.org/public-policy/graduate_foreign_affairs_fello.html

-- The Graduate FAF Program provides fellowship funding to participants as

they are prepared academically and professionally to enter the United States

Department of State Foreign Service. Women, members of minority groups

historically underrepresented in the Foreign Service, and students with

financial need are encouraged to apply. Desired: students who will be in

master's degree programs in public policy, international affairs, public

administration, or academic fields such as business, economics, political

science, sociology or foreign languages, who represent all ethnic, racial

and social backgrounds, and who have an interest in pursuing a Foreign

Service career in the U.S. Department of State.


White House - Presidential Management Intern (PMI) Program

-- www.pmi.opm.gov/howover.htm

-- For the past 25 years, the Presidential Management Intern (PMI) Program

has been attracting outstanding master's and doctoral-level students to the

Federal service. The PMI Program is your passport to a unique and rewarding

career experience with the Federal Government. It provides you with an

opportunity to apply the knowledge you acquired from graduate study. As a

PMI, your assignments may involve domestic or international issues,

technology, science, criminal justice, health, financial management, and

many other fields in support of public service programs.


Miscellaneous Opportunities


Institute of International Education - Fulbright Scholarships

-- www.iie.org/

-- Sponsored by the United States Department of State, Fulbright provides

funds for students, scholars and professionals to undertake graduate study,

advanced research, university teaching, and teaching in elementary and

secondary schools.


Internships Available to U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen

-- www.usna.edu/PoliticalScience/internships/

-- Service in various government agencies and departments such as the DIA.


Heritage Foundation

-- www.heritage.org/About/Internships/

-- Students can apply to intern in the following departments: Asian Studies,

Coalition Relations, Domestic Policy, Educational Affairs, the Executive

Offices, Foreign Policy, Government Relations, Lectures and Seminars, and

Public Relations.


National Defense Council Foundation

-- www.ndcf.org/Interns/Intern.html

-- NDCF interns have gone on to careers on Capitol Hill, the Central

Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Department of

Defense, the U.S. Armed Forces, major Defense Contracting / Research &

Analysis firms, and several other high profile agencies in the Nation's

capital. Interns will receive a small daily stipend of $7.50 to cover

transportation costs. Hours are flexible; during the school year, interns

work 16 hrs/wk, and up to 40 hrs/wk are expected in the summer. The NDCF

office, located in historic downtown Alexandria is a convenient five-minute

walk from the King Street Metro stop.


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